I have always had an interest in the arts ever since winning my first art competition in the 1st grade.

I grew up and graduated from a small town in rural southern Minnesota.  During these high school years I took a correspondence course from the Minneapolis Art Instruction School where I received my first formal art instruction.  However, after graduation I went on to school to become a licensed cosmetologist where I performed a different sort of artistry.

Eventually, getting married and raising a family further put my art endeavors on hold for the next 20 years, although even during this busy time in my life I did manage to take a few art classes to keep the artistic flame flickering inside.

The first art I began selling was painting on glass which I sold at local art fairs.  This type of painting became quite boring for me after doing it for about 10 years so I decided to make a switch to the fine arts.   I now work in four different mediums, those being: watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastels.

Over the years I have taken instruction from some very well-known artists, among them: Karen Knutson, Karlyn Holman, Fred Sommers and nationally known portrait artist Daniel Greene.

I am a member of the Artists of Minnesota and annually compete in their state-wide competitions winning numerous awards in my division.  In 2013, I received the Best of Show award voted on by members at the Artists of Minnesota competition held in Duluth.

I have further been blessed winning Grand and Reserve Grand Champion awards at several of the surrounding county fairs near where I live.   A bit further from home, I also won a Best of Show award at Panama City Beach, Florida at an art competition held there.

I have had one person shows at local galleries and been the featured artist at our Arts in the Park Festival here in Owatonna, MN, where I now reside.   I have done art festivals, but prefer to sell on my own or through art galleries.

People always seem to ask what is your favorite medium and I must say it is the one I am working with at the time!   I love them all!   I guess for me it’s the challenge of using different mediums to try to accomplish what I’m currently trying to communicate with my brushstrokes.   Being creative in the process is in itself the reward!   I am very much drawn to scenes of contrast and drama often using the source of light and color to produce that dramatic effect!

I continue to learn by taking more art classes when I can and put more mileage on those brushes!   You never stop learning in this profession.   Practice may not make us perfect, but it moves us a step closer—one step at a time.

My goal in life is to use what talents I have to the best of my ability because that is what I believe our Almighty God and creator intended for us to do.   He alone has given us all that we have and all that we are.   To God be the praise!