Eduardo Sanchez is a wood carving artist born in Cuba in 1987. Coming from a small island and been born near the sea, most of his inspiration comes from the clear blue waters that have been part of his life since his early childhood.


When he was 10 years old his first interests were in drawing and painting. Then, five years later he felt the need to give shape to what was in the paper or in the canvas. That is when his wood carving career began and now, he is so passionate about the wood that he sees his next creation in every plank or fallen tree.


Sanchez is also a free-diving spear fisherman. His dives had offered him the opportunity to take a closer look to the ocean and its creatures, being those the images that he mostly conveys in his carvings. Octopuses have been his latest interest and they have come to form part of the crew of dorados, lobsters, sailfish and palm trees that form his wooden empire. 


He moved to Florida some years ago, where he always looks for his home to be near the ocean, his never-ending source of inspiration. “I am happy in any place on Earth, as long as I have the ocean near me'' he says.