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As a youth growing up, I attended quite a few schools, played sports, and loved taking shop classes.  I remember one class in 7th grade that literally started a burning desire to build or sculpt things with my hands.  That class was foundry, and being from steel country in the Ohio Valley, I was hooked!  That’s where my passion began.  Later in life I held several jobs just like anyone else.  I got married and became a journeyman pipefitting welder- traveling from one power plant to another.  In the 1980’s I was involved in a horrific auto accident, which led to the end of my construction career.  Through the years I’ve always built, designed, or sculpted things and gave them away as gifts to family and friends.  It wasn’t until we went to our nieces’ wedding that I realized the potential of my artistic career.  I sculpted them a gift and set it on the table.  That’s when things changed.  Everyone told me I should make and sell them.  I spoke with my wife and she said do it! 

Here we are today, and without a doubt it’s with God’s blessings that I can do what I do.  It gives me so much joy to take that piece of wood that God created over the years and has been forgotten, and to bring it back to life to show just how beautiful it really is.  The driftwood takes on a “rebirth” and truly enhances my work. Driftwood is getting very popular and harder to find.  Designers are using it in high-end remodels.  I fabricate mounting brackets or buy brackets for every mount I build so that my customers have absolutely no problems mounting any piece I make to their wall.  The well-thought out mounts make it a snap to remove or relocate the pieces. 

What really gives me the greatest feeling is when I see my customers get excited and their eyes light up after purchasing one of my pieces of work!  God has given me a gift and I love to take this gift and make others happy.

Everything I sculpt is totally hand-made with traditional metal working equipment.  Lots and lots of patience and time are invested into creating each piece.  My true goal is to create something that my customers can enjoy as a focal point in their homes or place of work for years to come.  My work is also something that can be passed down from generation to generation.  In addition to my wall hangings, I also medal in cypress and cedar tables, rustic picture frames, bracelets, belt buckles, lamps, and crosses.

I enjoy creating commissioned work.  If you dream it, want it, and can’t find it, I will create it.  God has blessed me so much from the people I’ve met, to what talent I have, and the blessing he bestows upon me and my family everyday of my life.  I’m very thankful.