My life began; June 9 1950 in Miami Florida. When I was 5 years old my father took a job with a company named “Land Air Corporation” as an electrical wiring specialist on Air Force jet airplanes. We traveled from state to state and I experienced many memorable moments and really saw a lot at an early age.

We came back to Miami when I was 12 years old and went to the local schools until the second year of junior college at Dade junior college. I drifted around for a few years and wound up joining the Pipefitters and Plumbers Apprenticeship in West Palm Beach Florida in 1973.

I took an interest for in welding and learned how to perform numerous techniques and related fabrication methods as well as drafting isometric drawings for different types of industrial plants all over the United States as well as six years of pharmaceutical work in Puerto Rico.


Five or so years before I retired (at sixty-two years of age) from the pipe-fitting trade I started making stainless steel artwork in a small shop I built behind my house. My hobby has transformed into something that I constantly enjoy and I intend to keep at it until I can no longer do it. I also love to saltwater fish and dive and intend to do that for many years. I have a charmed life and am very fortunate for that. My art techniques are mostly self-taught, enhanced by my background of forty years in the metal trades. I use heat and various methods that I’ve developed to color my work. I also engrave accents and shading into my projects. Here is a list of the steps I take in generating an art piece:        


  • Imaging – I take a picture of what I want to make, then email it to myself and print it on paper.

  • Procurement – I prepare desired size stainless steel; sometimes bending and otherwise modifying the stock in a machine shop to get the effects that I want for each piece.

  • “fluffing & buffing” - I go through various steps using abrasive wheels & compounds to achieve the desired finish on the piece.

  • Image transfer – I transfer the image from the paper pattern that I have made by engraving it onto the metal.

  • Cut out – I cut the engraved image out of the original stock with grinders and Dremmel tools.

  • De–burring – I remove any sharp areas from the piece. (This step goes on all through the process.)

  • Attachments – I fabricate & weld attachments to the piece.

  • Final Engraving and texturing – I use a pneumatic engraver to enhance the look of the piece.

  • Coloring – I use heat from various torches to add color to the metal.  


Lawrence Leeb