Born in West Berlin, Germany, Manon grew up in metropolitan Berlin and the beautiful countryside of Bavaria. Being exposed to the best of both worlds led to Manon’s appreciation for a city’s cultural riches but also to her intimate connection to the outdoors. Parents who would frequently point out the importance of never to lose one’s sense of wonder for the natural world planted the seed in Manon to pay attention to details of her surroundings, making it easy for her to find inspiration where ever she goes. Creating art to this day never feels like a pastime but like a necessity.

After moving from Germany to Chicago in 1995, Manon painted murals, which are represented in numerous private homes and businesses in Illinois, Michigan, Florida and California.

Getting introduced to the work of well known Californian impressionist painters as well as moving to the San Francisco area in 2006 were the igniting sparks to plunge herself into plein air and studio painting in oil. Living in Marin County provided a unique opportunity to study with the best and to finally combine Manon’s love of the outdoors with the portability of oil paints to create on the spot. Oils became quickly her favorite medium, allowing her to have an ongoing conversation with her subject.  Under the watch of distinguished and renowned artists, Manon studied how to make a painting that combines rich texture and vivid color while capturing the expression of her subject and the impression it left on her.

In 2010 that almost palpable golden Californian light was replaced by all that sunny, buggy, and wonderful Florida has to offer. Manon and her family moved to Palm Beach County, where she dipped right into painting the trademarks of a tropical setting.

Manon travels often with her paints and brushes, participates in juried and invitational plein air events, and exhibits frequently in juried shows, locally and nationally. Her paintings were selected for and won awards in prestigious shows such as by the National Oil and Acrylics Painters Society and American Impressionist Society. Manon has been “Featured Artist” in galleries representing her work in St. Augustine, FL, and Fishers Island, NY. Manon’s paintings are in private collections on three continents and have been included in several publications. She also teaches classes and workshops nationally and internationally.

Manon’s distinct style can be described as “representational and contemporary with an impressionistic touch”. Her focus is on capturing the effects of light on a subject at one moment in time. Manon’s aim is to share the color, light, and joy she feels surrounded by with the viewer.

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